Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Vast Cavern, Alabama

Another big pit on the same mountain as Valhalla, Neversink, and Mega Well.

Emily Dillon (bottom) and Deirdre Conroy (top) in Vast Caverns, March 2017
          Secluded well up a valley north of Valhalla and Neversink, the unassuming entrance to Vast Caverns opens into a free-dropping shaft of the first order.  The entrance, located in a small sink about 30ft in diameter, narrows to a hole about 15ft by 5ft.  Below here the shaft drops about 208ft and quickly grows in size before connecting with multiple other shafts which make a a large canyon passage.  On my visit in March 2017, the two other drops within the cave were too wet to drop.  The main entrance shaft is fluted, sculpted, and gorgeous.   

         We rigged two ropes for photos - given the soil sink above and the funnel-like entrance I'd highly suggest not rigging more than one rope.  The lip is smooth, but we padded it anyways.

March 2017 - with Emily Dillon, Eric Lee Hahn, and Deirdre Conroy 

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