Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mystic Cave, West Virginia

David Crawford exiting the downstream crawls in Mystic Cave, December 2013.

           Mystic Cave is a fun, wet, and decorated cave in Pendelton County, WV.  After decades of open access by the landowner, a Mrs. Teter, the cave has closed due to her passing.  Mrs. Teter was a big friend to the caving community and had a log book back to the 1970s of visitors to her wonderful underground spot.

Tara and Seara Mallow at the main entrance to Mystic Cave, September 2015.

           Mystic has three entrances, the most commonly used entrance is the main entrance which takes a small stream.  A short duck under brings one to a ladder down a ten foot waterfall and into the main trunk.  The main trunk is about a mile long and averages 10-30ft wide and 10-50ft tall.  The cave branches into a downstream and upstream section.

The decorated downstream crawls.

            Downstream leads to a photogenic 11ft waterfall and ends abruptly when the water flows into a long series of crawls and tight canyon passage ending at the top of another 6ft waterfall.  Beyond here the cave becomes a crawl, the stream sinks, and then it opens into the small downstream entrance.

Emily Dillon in the upstream section of Mystic.

           Upstream leads through about a half mile of highly decorated stream trunk ending in a large room.  One passes several waterfalls and gets pretty wet.  Beyond the big room is another several hundred feet of cave ending in the small upstream entrance.

Gage Casella, Tara and Seara Mallow in Mystic Cave.

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