Waterfall Descriptions and Photos

Waterfall Descriptions and Photos

Beyond caving, I also "collect" waterfalls, currently at having visited over 250 individual waterfalls.

Stephens Gap Cave
Fern Cave - Surprise Pit
Paul's Cave - The Cataract
 Mandy's Pit
Unterstein - Serenity Falls

Thunderbird Falls
Yosemite National Park Waterfalls
Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls
Bridal Veil Falls
Flowingstone Cave
Hocking Hills State Park
Ash Cave
Cedar Falls
Conkles Hollow
Old Mans Cave Waterfalls
Rock Bridge
Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park
Cascade Falls
Upper and Lower Minnehaha Falls  

Swallow Falls State Park
Upper and Lower Swallow Falls
Muddy Creek Falls
Palisades Falls

Grotto Falls 

New York
Niagara Falls
Holly Falls
Letchworth State Park
Taughannock Falls
Waterfall at Medina
Watkins Glen State Park  

Buttermilk Falls 
McConnels Mill State Park
Hell Hollow Falls
Alpha Falls
Twin Falls
   Ohiopyle State Park
Ohiopyle Falls
Cucumber Falls
Meadow Run Slides
Meadow Run Cascades
Johnathan Run Waterfalls
Sugar Run Waterfalls
Fetcher Run Waterfalls
Bruner Run Waterfalls
Enigma Dome
Fall Creek Falls State Park Waterfalls
Fall Creek Falls
Cane Creek Falls 
The Sinkhole
Rocky River Cave
Rock Island State Park Waterfalls
Great Falls
Little Falls
Twin Falls 

Mill Fork B Waterfalls
Stewarts Falls
Falls View Falls
Hamma Hamma River Waterfalls
Mt. Rainier National Park Waterfalls
Port Ludlow Falls 
Rocky Brook Falls
Tin Mine Falls
West Virginia
Blackwater Falls State Park
Blackwater Falls
Elakala Falls 
Boar Hole Dome Waterfall
Bone-Norman - Norman Falls
Cheat Canyon
Bee Run
Big Run
Jimmy Fish Pot Cave
Windy Slope Cave   
Dolly Sods Wilderness
Big Stonecoal Run Waterfalls
Curtain Falls
Little Stonecoal Run Waterfalls
Red Creek Waterfalls 
Elkhorn Mountain Falls 
Falls of Hill Creek
Falling Spring Cave
Friars Hole Cave System
Crookshank Falls
Crookshank Pit
Friars Hole Entrance Series
Monster Falls
 Higgenbothams #4 Waterfall
Maxwelton Sink Cave - Cove Creek Waterfalls
My Cave
Pickaway Falls
Taggard Falls
 Valley Falls

Yellowstone National Park
Crystal Falls
Early Morning Falls
Excelsior Geyser Waterfalls
Gibbon Falls
Kepler Cascades
Lewis Falls
Moose Falls
Morning Falls
Mystic Falls 
Riverwalk Falls
Rustic Falls
Terraced Falls
Undine Falls
Unfaithful Falls
Union Falls
Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls
Wraith Falls  

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