Thursday, July 6, 2017

Stewarts Falls, Utah

Stewarts Falls and an unnamed spring discharge on the left.  July 2017

     Easily one of the easiest 200ft "backcountry" waterfalls to see in the US, Stewarts Falls (listed on topo maps as Stewarts Cascades) is just a mile outside of Sundance Ski Resort on the slopes of Mt. Timpanogos.  It is accessible from Aspen Grove to the north and Sundance to the east.  Sundance prefers you ride a ski-lift up to a trail to walk to the falls ($$$).  However their own maps suggest doing a loop around and back down to Sundance via the Stewarts Falls Trail.  The trailhead in Sundance for SFT is well hidden and has a "private trail" sign, again despite being advertised on their maps.  Most Sundance employees will pretend that no such trail even exists.  Park at Sundance and then walk up past the restaurants and to the trail head at  40°23'27.58"N 111°34'58.03"W.  Do NOT part at the trailhead.  The hike from Sundance is about a mile and a half and gains 900ft in elevation.  Along the way the stream makes frequent appearances.  The waterfall is first seen about a half mile away and is impressively large. 

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