Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lisa Falls, Utah

Lisa Falls, July 2017

     Lisa Falls is a pretty little waterfall just a short walk from the road winding up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  The trailhead has no signs or even an indication of a trail other than a large pull off capable of parking a coupe dozen cars.  The parking lot is located at  40°34'21.65"N 111°43'36.08"W.  Lisa Falls itself is at 40°34'26.47"N 111°43'39.75"W.  The hike is less than a quarter mile and gains about a hundred feet in elevation before encountering the waterfall.  Lisa Falls drops roughly 50ft in two drops, both sliding cascades over an impressive granite escarpment.  

From above Lisa Falls.  July 2017

     Above Lisa Falls are numerous social trails and paths leading literally straight up the side of Little Cottonwood Canyon.  A few hundred feet up are two other waterfalls, both about 40ft.  They are very pretty, but the risky hike (read: grabbing roots and rock climbing) doesn't make them very worth it.  The upper waterfalls are at roughly 40°34'30.25"N 111°43'35.61"W.  

One of the upper waterfalls.  July 2017.

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