Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mystic Cave, West Virginia

David Crawford exiting the downstream crawls in Mystic Cave, December 2013.

Higgenbothams #4 Cave, WV

Karlee Markovich in "Someplace Special" - April 2016

Helens Cave, New Mexico

Eric Pelkey in Helens Cave, December 2017

Goat Cave, New Mexico

Will Boekel (close), Tony Canike (middle), and Wayne Perkins (far) in the entrance of Goat Cave.  December 2017.

Deep Cave, New Mexico

Will Boekel in the side alcove of Deep Cave.  Behind him is the 40ft diameter column.  New Years Day 2017.

Sixty Seven Dollar Pit, AL

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Flowingstone Cave, Georgia

Deirdre Conroy (bottom) and Eric Lee Hahn (top) in the pit during heavy flow
conditions in March 2017.

Natural Well, Alabama

Deirdre Conroy in Natural Well, March 2017.

Boar Hole, WV

Nick Jarvis in the large junction room by the culvert entrance, April 2015.

Snedegars Section, Friars Hole Cave System, West Virginia

Ben Williams and Ester Suchevits in the Snedegars Saltpeter Trunk, November 2015

Crookshank Section, Friars Hole Cave System, WV

Steph Petri (bottom) and Elliot Guerra-Blackmer in Crookshank Pit, October 2015

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Friars Hole Cave System

As of 2016 the longest cave in West Virginia at just over 46.5mi.

Pauls Cave, Alabama

Bluff River Cave, Alabama

River passage with Amy Skowronski (close), Ed Villareal (middle), and Shawn Hogbin (far).  August 2016
            Bluff River Cave is one of the many caves located in Little Coon Valley.  It is a horizontal cave with about a mile of large river passage.  The entrance is at the base of a bluff in an infeeder to Little Coon Creek.  In the summer a cascade of cold air cave be felt as far as the creek.  Immeditealy in the entrance is the Valley of Goo, a large passage filled with very slick mud banks and terminating in a large flowstone haystack formation.

The Valley of Goo with entrance light spilling in the far left.
(l-r) Amy Skowronski, Ed Villareal, and Deirdre Conroy. 
          From here the cave continues as a large river trunk with a mostly flat floor.  Only in one spot does one have to cut up and over through a side passage (where the Register is located).  A deep pool of water will get you wet up to your waist.  The cave passes a large flowstone formation (Echoes of Endor) and ends in a large breakdown room with a distinct looking column (the Monolith).

Deirdre Conroy at the Echoes of Endor

Amy Skowronski at the Echoes of Endor.

Stephens Gap Cave, Alabama

"Heaven In Earth" - Eric Lee Hahn rappels Entrance No. 2 early one morning in March 2017.

Farewell Hole, Tennessee

Marion O, Smith rappelling Farewell Hole, November 2016

Conley Hole, Tennessee

One of the TAG Classics.

Bo Allen Pit, Tennessee

Classic central Tennessee pit.

Pretty Well, Alabama

208ft open air drop near Limrock Blowing Cave...

Mandy's Pit, Alabama

One of several caves in Little Coon Valley.

Vast Cavern, Alabama

Another big pit on the same mountain as Valhalla, Neversink, and Mega Well.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Valhalla, Alabama

Perhaps the largest open air free drop in TAG, Valhalla stands out as the favorite of many.

Neversink, Alabama

          Located within the heart of TAG country, Neversink is the classic Alabama open air pit.