Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pauls Cave, Alabama

          Paul's Cave is a large cave located on a mountain near Paint Rock.  The sinkhole for the entrance is massive, and the entrance is a tiny hole near the base of a waterfall.  The hole drops about 15ft over rock to a small slot in the floor.  One has to contort through this slot and into a belly crawl for about 15ft to a stream passage.  Following this passage for about 300ft it gradually turns to stoop walking before the stream drops 10ft and then 45ft over two drops, depending on the water levels the final drop may or may not be visible: The Cataract, at 298ft is one of the deepest pits in TAG.  From the base of the 45ft drop there are bolts to do a 245ft drop next to the waterfall.  The pit is VERY wet.
         From the 10ft drop one can climb up and over the 45ft pit to an alcove out over the middle of the Cataract and rig in for a ride of 298ft free (with one small ledge at 60' down).  The pit is wet most of the year and is *very* big.  The base is well over 150ft in diameter with a large breakdown mountain.
        Despite the appeal of a big and large pit, the tight spot in the entrance filters out many people.

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