Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bo Allen Pit, Tennessee

Classic central Tennessee pit.

Eric Lee Hahn in Bo Allen Pit, March 2017
          According to Marion O. Smith, this pit was discovered by two kids with the names of Bo and Allen.  It lies on a hillside within suburban Sparta, TN.  The pit has little in the way of an entrance - no sink, and completely obscured if you come in from above it.  The entrance faces west and is a 2x4ft hole dropping 6ft to a ledge.  From this ledge, which is almost big enough to get off rope on, it is 149ft to the floor, all completely free.

Emily Dillon in the main shaft, as seen from the ledge.  March 2017

          With the numerous trees around it, there are no shortage of rigging options.  All, however, involve crossing two lips.  The second one, the ledge, is fairly undercut and can be difficult to cross in both directions.  Below the ledge the pit bells to a shaft of about 15ft by 50ft and is fairly decorated with flowstone and columns.  The base has some formations, and a plethora of cow bones.  A major ledge about fifteen feet off the floor leads to several hundred feet of cave.

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