Thursday, April 27, 2017

Higgenbothams #4 Cave, WV

Karlee Markovich in "Someplace Special" - April 2016

           As the name suggests, Higgenbothams #4 Cave is the fourth of five caves in the Higgenbothams System.  All five caves are connected hydrologically and separated via short sumps.  Four is actually the last in the system and the end of the cave is the terminal sump.  The entrance is low and wide at the base of a small cliff.  The passage begins as a belly crawl for a few dozen feet and then a hands and knees crawl for a few hundred more.  The stream enters from the right side of the passage and zigzags across the low passage, making water crawling unavoidable.  It opens into a decently sized stream passage that goes for about a mile.  A thousand feet from the entrance is an area called "Someplace Special", this area is highly decorated.  Near the end of the cave is a large fifteen foot waterfall which will get you totally soaked.  Beyond here is more stream passage, and formations - including an area called the Broom Closet, named for its broomstick formations.  

Andrew Mengele (left) and myself at the entrance before my first non-grotto photo trip, November 2013.

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