Sunday, July 30, 2017

Moses Tomb, Alabama

Reilly Blackwell climbing out of Moses Tomb, July 2017.

     Moses Tomb is a fine pit!  Located on the southern extreme end of Fox Mountain, just barely in Dekalb County, Alabama, Moses Tomb is on an open cave preserve.  The hike up leads through about a half mile of forest that is recovering from both a forest fire and a tornado (geez).  As of July 2017 the hike up was pretty hard to follow and we ended up bushwhacking through.  We miraculously found the entrance pretty easily.

     The entrance is an unassuming hole about 2ft by 4ft with no sink around it.  It is just above a stream bed by about fifty feet.  A tree nearby provides a primary rig point and a bolt above the entrance allows a very convenient redirect.  The dead log in front of it has "Moses Tomb" burned into it.  The entrance opens to a 15ft sheer drop into a room about 40ft in diameter.  Offset about 5ft is a large hole into the 230ft of free drop below.  A giant flowstone chandelier makes up the floor of this "room" and the free drop itself is a gun-barrel classic TAG shaft about 40ft in diameter.  A large flowstone formation dominates the one wall.

Tony Canike climbs out of Moses Tomb, July 2017.

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