Sunday, July 30, 2017

Blue Spring Cave, Tennessee - Carr Entrance and Johnson Avenue

Wayne Perkins on the suspension bridge crossing Trey's Traverse in Johnson Avenue, March 2016.

    The Carr Entrance to Blue Spring Cave is one of the greatest entrances in the world.  I am convinced of it.  The entrance is a locked steel door about 4ft by 5ft which opens and releases the 40+mi of cave air within that wants out (or in).  A ladder down leads to meandering phreatic passage for several hundred feet.  The Carr Entrance was dug out and the spoils from the dig have been turned into a trail winding through the passage eventually leading to a ladder up into the ceiling and a rock.  The ladder leads to the tight crawl leading to the original Blue Spring Cave entrance, now closed.  The rock has the cave's register.
     Moving down the borehole and through several formation galleries leads one to a steel suspension bridge crossing a 60ft pit in the floor.  Beyond this is a crawl, halfway through which is the turn off to Cascade Hall.  Beyond this more borehole and another crawl lead to the BO Crawl and the rest of Blue Spring Cave. 

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